Accommodation bookings to stay at Technology Ski Lodge require pre-booking. Voting members have preferential bookings prior to the Annual General Meeting (held in March each year). Following this, bookings are open to both members and their friends or associate members. In all cases, bookings MUST be submitted on a Technology Ski Club Booking form. An alternative to the downloadable Booking forms, is an on-line Word booking form that can be downloaded, edited and then emailed to the Booking Manager. The Booking Forms must be submitted in the name of an existing voting Club member. Consequently, all bookings are in the name of a voting Member, even if the accommodation is for friends or a non-voting associate member. Different rates for accommodation are applicable between Members, Associate Members etc and the different Season Dates (listed below) and the type of accommodation.

Where to Send the Booking Form

Booking forms can be posted but preferably emailed to the Booking Manager.

Do not use text/SMS messages to contact the Booking Manager (as a 'paper' trail is then not possible). Please use email, mail or telephone for contact. The mailing address for booking forms is:


The Booking Manager

Technology Ski Club Co-Operative

PO Box 486

Jindabyne       NSW    2627



Phone number for enquiries is:       0408 310 552


Email: au


NOTE - A booking fee MUST be paid with each booking form submission (refer to form for details).

Electronic Payment

Accommodation is most efficiently paid for by Electronic Transfer. While cheque payments are still acceptable, it is faster and more convenient to make payments electronically. When you receive your invoice, or prior to emailing your booking form, please make a deposit to the account below:


     BSB No:    633-000

     A/c No :   141854216


Use the amount as detailed on the relevant invoice for transfer to the Club's account and enter an identification for the payment - eg.  "Invoice 3901" for payment of invoice, or "deposit John Smith" for booking fees.

Cost of Accommodation

The costs of accommodation are determined by general membership vote at the Annual General Meeting (with recommendations by the Board). Accommodation costs vary depending on the time of season requested, membership status and type of accommodation. Rates are based on a per diem (daily) cost. Usually bookings are taken commencing on a Saturday with departure the following Saturday. Weekend and shorter term bookings can be accepted if beds are available.


Below is a table of current Lodge accommodation rates. Note that these rates are divided into Winter and Summer seasons and then divided again depending on the time within the season. Note to Members - Booking Rates are updated only AFTER approval at the relevant Annual General Meeting (held in March of each year).



1. Note: All rates above include GST.

2. The accommodation season dates for 2019 are:


         Budget Winter        :    11th - 21st June 2019 and 14th Sept - 31st Sept 2019

         Early Low Winter    :    22nd June 2019 till 28th June 2019

         High Winter           :    29th June 2019 till 23rd August 2019

         Late Low Winter     :    24th August 2019 till 13th September 2019

         Summer                :    Starts 1st October 2019


3. Toddlers weeks (open to children less than 5 years old) are available during:


        11th June 2019 till 28th June 2019

        From 31st August 2019 onwards.

For toddler rates of accommodation, please contact the Booking Manager.


4. Bookings and bed allocations are assigned by the Booking Manager. Where possible the room and bed preferences indicated on the Booking Form are adhered to. Any discrepancies or bed allocation adjustments are under the control and discretion of the Booking Manager.


5. When arriving at the Lodge for accommodation, please report to the assigned Hut Captain.  No changes to bed allocation as per the bed allocation sheet posted on the Lodge noticeboard are permitted without the approval of the Booking Manager.



Our ski lodge is located in Perisher Valley, N.S.W., Australia.



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