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Travelling to Perisher

Technology Ski Club is located in Perisher Valley in New South Wales. Perisher Valley is in the Snowy Mountains and takes about 6 hours by car to travel from Sydney (2.5 hours from Canberra). The highway is excellent and allows fast, comfortable car travel.


The club lodge is at 1800 metres above sea level and is the highest non-commercial lodge in Australia.

Travelling to the Lodge

Access to the ski lodge in summer is by car. In winter, roads and overnight parking restrict vehicular access. You are NOT permitted to drive to the lodge during the winter season. Strict driving restrictions are enforced by police and park officers during winter.


Summer Access


To travel to the lodge when in Perisher Valley, a turn into the Perisher Car Park leads to a gravel road crossing a bridge (and facing uphill towards other buildings). Follow this road uphill until reaching an intersection with a sharp left hand turn. Take this turn (which leads to the Sundeck Hotel) but almost immediately turn onto another road to the right (again uphill). A lodge (Kandahar) is located at this intersection. As you go uphill on this road you approach some large water tanks (see map). At the water tanks turn right onto a straight section of road until coming to a small parking area. This area is the parking for Technology Ski Lodge. Uphill, via a gravel path, is the entrance to the lodge.

Winter Access

During winter with snow covering the roads, best access is via a rack-railway underground train from Bullocks Flat to Perisher Valley (SkiTube).  Your car can be safely parked in large car parking areas at the train station. The Bullocks Flat overnight car park has no parking fee and no park entry (and so snow chains do not have to be carried).


Once in Perisher Valley, oversnow transport to the lodge is available using Hans Oversnow Transport and their fleet of tracked vehicles. Baggage, skis and food supplies can also be carried to the door of the lodge. This form of transport can also be used even if you drive to the Valley and leave your car in the adjoining Car Park.


Note: No overnight parking of cars is permitted during the winter season. Also note that snow chains MUST be carried by all cars entering the Kosciuszko National Park during the winter season.

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