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About Us

Technology Ski Club is a co-operative club governed by an elected Board of Directors and complying with the rules and regulations of the Co-Operative Societies of New South Wales. The club has a long history related to Australian Snow Skiing and has built and maintains a ski lodge at Perisher Valley. Technology is a community advancement club dedicated to the promotion of snow sports.

Approximately 185 voting members exist within the Club but many people use the lodge facility and attend Club functions and social meetings. Through this involvement, associate members may be invited to become full, voting members should a vacancy become available. Bookings for Lodge accommodation are available (unless full) in both Winter and Summer seasons. Club meetings are held monthly in Sydney. The contact address for the Club is:


The Secretary

Technology Ski Club Co-Operative Ltd

65 Connell Road

Oyster Bay    NSW    2225





The ski lodge of the Club is located in Perisher Valley, NSW. A total of 30 beds are available for accommodation in a self-catering facility. The lodge is large and well situated with magnificent views to the northwest over North Perisher and the Guthega Valley. The lodge is the highest in Perisher Valley and is the highest non-commercial lodge in Australia.


The accommodation consists of 10 double rooms (with a double and single bed) plus ensuite facilities and large storage areas. In addition, two 'quad' rooms containing four single beds and ensuite are also provided. Cooking is by individuals with staple goods such as porridge, flour, rice, condiments and spices provided at no charge. Perishable items such as milk, bread, meat and vegetables etc are brought by individuals and used during their stay. A fully stocked supermarket is located in Perisher Valley for any items required during your stay or you can order direct and have the supermarket deliver to the door. Note that the supermarket is only available within the skiing season.


The skiing at Perisher Valley is some of the best in Australia and the Perisher resort in which the lodge is located, is the largest in the southern hemisphere. For additional information of the Perisher Resort. The Technology Ski lodge provides ski-in and ski-out accommodation during winter for your enjoyment.


Technology Ski Club is a co-operative club governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consist of 12 members who are annually elected at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in March of each year).


Membership of voting members is currently fully subscribed, however occasionally full voting memberships become available. There is a waiting list to join the Club. Information about becoming a voting or non-voting member can be obtained from the Secretary. The voting members of the Club forms the 'core' of the club's viability and success. People who may be friends or family of voting members are termed 'associate members' and they are encouraged to stay at the lodge and be involved in its maintenance and operation. Associate members form the main group of candidates for becoming new voting members of the Club.


Occasionally social events and work parties are held. In particular, the Work Parties are an economical means for the Club to maintain the lodge at Perisher Valley and so keep costs under control. Members who attend these Work Parties do so voluntarily but contribute enormously to the cost of running the Club by the supply of their labour.

The Board of Technology Ski Club

The Board of Technology Ski Club is comprised of 12 Members. These individuals are elected to the Board after general membership voting at the Annual General Meeting (held in March each year). You can contact various members of the Board from the Club's mailing addresses below.


The following Director email addresses are listed below:


Position Held                      Email




Booking Manager

Newsletter Editor

Race Convenor   

Summer Bookings

For all General Enquiries: Email

Calender of Important Dates

Technology Ski Club have a number of important operational and social functions each year. These are highlighted in the club's Newsletter (Tidings), but also here.

Technology Ski Club Annual Christmas Dinner      Last Saturday of each year.

Annual General Meeting                                             First weekend in March each year.

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