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Lodge Facilities

Technology Ski Club is a modern ski lodge with facilities unlike virtually all those presently existing in Perisher Valley. Although the lodge building is over 25 years old, it was architecturally designed with the most modern features in mind so you may enjoy your holiday in the Snowy Mountains (winter or summer). Some of the best features of Technology Lodge are:


  • The lodge is self catering with a large range of supplied commodities and staples provided free of charge (see below). A modern, commercial kitchen allows cordon bleu cooking and the most wonderful community atmosphere in which to create wholesome meals.

  • Each twin bedroom has a double bed plus a single to provide accommodation flexibility. Every room has a north-easterly view over the Guthega and North Perisher valleys. All bedrooms have their own ensuite bathroom and ample hanging and storage space. Your skis or snowboards are kept securely downstairs in the Ski Room. For those wanting 'group' accommodation, two 'quad' bedrooms with four single beds and ensuite bathrooms are available.

  • The Lodge is equipped with modern conveniences such as a sauna, table tennis room, reading room (the Quiet Room) with library, sound room (equipped with sound system and lounges), pool and darts games and trophy room plus laundry and drying facilities. A laundry with washing machines, clothes dryers plus a large drying room is available to ensure ski clothes, boots and equipment are allowed to dry in a short time.Throughout the Lodge, either undercarpet or space heating is provided. In the main lounge area a large fireplace is also available for ambience and warmth. Heating is thermostatically controlled with independent controls in each bedroom so you can control the temperature.

  • Probably the highlight of the Lodge is its position. The location of the building offers 'ski-in ski-out' with the claim that Technology Ski Lodge is the highest elevation ski lodge in Australia. The pleasure of arriving by snowcat in the winter, walking 2 metres to the front door and knowing that for the rest of your stay, all you have to do is put on your ski boots and skis/board and away you go! At the end of the day (or, importantly, during the day), you can drop back into the Lodge at any time to have lunch, a cup of chocolate, coffee or an afternoon sleep! No travel, no transport and no worries at Technology.

Living and Community Areas

The lounge and dining areas are comfortable and spacious and so provide a wonderful, relaxing ambience while sitting on the leather lounges surrounding the lounge fire or enjoying a meal as you look out over the eastern slopes of Perisher Valley.


The general lounge area is large with comfortable lounges facing a large fireplace for warmth and ambience. An open gas log fire is provided for warmth, but also the focus of the social aspects of the lounge and dining areas.  Adding to the comfort of the living area is gas space heating, a music system and a wall-mounted weather station to monitor the indoor and outdoor weather.

The living area has expansive views over the alpine setting with large overhead windows which allow sunlight and warmth to enter the lodge during the day for a naturally bright and inviting atmosphere. A large, accessible outdoor verandah is also provided for outside dining on warm winter days, or simply just taking in the wonderful views amongst the overhanging eucalypt trees.


For those wishing to have a more peaceful time, a Quiet Room is provided with a magnificent view over Pretty and Guthega Valleys. This room also provides a number of wall pictures from the Technology Collection plus a gas fireplace and an area for study or reading. A well stocked library caters for most tastes if you haven't got available reading material.

A state-of-the-art sound system, library and games room are provided plus the entertainment of simply talking to friends and members to pass enjoyable time at Technology.


Cooking and Kitchen

The lodge is self catering which means that there is no manager. Occupants have ample storage space for food and drink and the cooking facilities (gas stoves, commercial electric ovens, microwaves, coffee percolator, commercial dishwasher etc etc) allow any cook to create excellent meals. Cooking is done in a community atmosphere with the kitchen being the heart of fun at Technology.


A wide range of supplied commodities and staples are provided free of charge. Included is:


- Paper towels, sponges, soaps etc                              

- Honey, vegemite             - Paper serviettes

- Flour                             - Candles/matches                   

- Powdered Milk                 - Oil, Olive Oil                         

- Salt and pepper               - Porridge (oats

- Rice                               - Sugar (Brown and White)                     

- Cleaning items (biodegradable cleaners)

- Assorted herbs and spices                      

- Coffee, tea (various) and hot chocolate

- Tomato, soy, worcestershire and sweet chilli sauces)

- Detergents for washing machine, washing up and dishwasher

- Cling wrap and aluminium foil

- Brooms, mops etc.