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Club Newsletter

Each month, the Club produces a newsletter called 'Technology Tidings'. This publication is available to members and interested people as both a printed/mailed newsletter, or electronically using a download from this page. Members who require the printed newsletter must pay an annual subscription to cover the costs of production and postage.


If you wish to be placed on the Tidings mailing list, please contact the Secretary or the Editor. If you wish to receive Tidings electronically, see below.

Electronic Tidings


The electronic version of Tidings is available each month in Portable Document Format (PDF). This format allows for a compressed document (including colour pictures and graphics) to be downloaded and then read using a program (that is freely available) called Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader software can be downloaded if you do not have it available on your computer.


With the Reader software installed, download or open the particular month's version of Tidings required. Highlight the month required and double click to download and read. Some months the Tidings can be 7-800 kbytes and this can take a little time to download if your internet connection is slow.

To access ALL editions of Technology Tidings (as far back as 1960), go to the following Complete Tidings link.

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