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Summer Activities

Summer at Perisher Valley

Although the main activity of Technology Ski Club is to promote the sport of snow skiing and provide facilities for members in the winter months, the summer at Perisher Valley is a wonderful time to be in the Snowy Mountains. The lodge is available to members throughout the summer (November till May) period and offers a range of benefits:


  • Reliable, comfortable weather

  • Wonderful outdoor activities not available in winterIsolated, quiet environment

  • Simple, drive-to-the lodge access available

  • Cheap summer accommodation ratesUncrowded, easy bookings with stay flexibility

  • Facilities and things to do in Kosciuszko National Park

  • Access to areas not available in winter.


Bookings around Christmas and New Year are often popular so early planning is required.

Lodge Booking in Summer

Technology Ski Club lodge can be booked for accommodation during the summer period. It is best to book early (or at least contact the Booking Manager) to place a booking. Voting member priority for bookings close on 1st November each year. After this, bookings are available to associate members but for any stay at the lodge, a Club voting member MUST also be present unless prior arrangement is made with the Booking Manager.


Member group bookings are encouraged where the entire lodge can be occupied by people in a single party. Usually group bookings of greater than 24 people mean you get exclusive use of the lodge. A group booking may relate to Technology friends, work associates (a seminar perhaps?), another club or association etc etc. An online, digital booking system is used to make lodge accommodation bookings. Information about this system are provided in a download file here.




Direct access to the online Booking System is available here:


Phone number for enquiries is:      0408 310 552


For further information on making bookings, the use of Work Party credits and current rates, please go to the Bookings page.

Booking Cost

Summer accommodation in the lodge has the advantage of being flexible and cheap. You do not have to stay Saturday to Saturday, but rather, select the days you wish to stay. Also, the accommodation rates are cheaper than during winter. The rates are provided in the Bookings page.

Activities Available in Summer

When you use Technology lodge for accommodation during summer, you can do as much or as little as you want.


Many people prefer to come to the lodge just to relax, rest, read, go on the occasional walk and take advantage of the isolation, mountain air and quiet natural environment. Other people prefer outdoor activities and the availability of things to do that are not options in winter, especially in the wonderful facility of the Kosciuszko National Park.


Don't believe the fun you can have during summer? Read one of our members testimonials!!

A wide range of summer activities catering for outdoor interests include:


  • Walking

  • Scenic Drives

  • Bicycling

  • Horse Riding

  • Fishing

  • Snowy Mountains Scheme

  • Rafting

  • Functions, festivals and concerts


For additional information on activities available during summer in the Perisher Resort.

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